The Public Awareness of Debidwar

The Public Awareness of Debidwar

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A few days ago, I gave a status about the public awareness of Debidwar. It was about some common people who did not use face mask. I requested them to use mask by thinking all of us, our family, society as much as our country. Actually I had no allegations about them.It was my hardly request. It was 3 weeks ago. Perhaps I had created a post about them.

In response to my status, what have I seen at Newmarket today? I explain it.
Today I go to newmark to brng some medicines. That’s why I have to pass the Chandina road. At first I have seen some common people . They have no masks. They are gossiping, whispering and laughing loudly.
Some of them are smoking with pleasure. No one protest them. In this regard, I am concerned that no one can forbid them to stop their smoking. Hence, I should leave the place swiftly. According to my plan, I have left the place.

Similarly, I have come to Newmark. There is a magic here. I astonished to see the scenery of newmarket. Most of the people do not maintain the rules of health. I have stared at them for a few minutes. I have nothing to say.
Taking some medicines, I go to a mobile shop to add a new speaker in my mobile. Maximum people have not used masks here. They are coughing and sneezing. It does not matter.
From the above description, I have realised that people are not afraid of Covid 19.

Actually, I extrapolated it. Covid 19 is a pandemic. It will be prolonged. We have to combat against it. They don’t think so.
I think that covid 19 is a hidden Tshonami.
Corona virus is spreading rapidly.
Sooner or later, we can see it’s impacts.
May Allah save us.
However, some people who are unobtrusive, they maintain hygiene.
Eventually I request all types of people to save themselves from the pandemic.
Don’t go out unless you have emergency work.
Stay safe, stay home.

Md Baharul Alam Bahar.
Assistant teacher
Bakshar Government Primary School